I’m a freelance conference interpreter and translator for the following languages: Italian (native speaker), English and German. After attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Liaison Interpreting, I went on to attain a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting. I am deeply in love with my job and I approach each project with great enthusiasm, ready to make my professional experience available to my clients. I’m firmly convinced that being an interpreter and translator offers me the chance of engaging in lifelong learning, a fascinating concept which I’ve been driven to embrace by my curiosity and by my love for knowledge. Herein lies the key to never stop growing, both from a professional and personal point of view.


Conference interpreting

Conference interpretation can be carried out through different techniques: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and whispered interpretation. Each of them is suitable for specific contexts and events: when deciding which technique should be employed, the audience, the kind of event, the available equipment and other criteria need to be taken into account.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting occurs in business contexts, such as factory tours, business calls, business trips, trade fairs or exhibitions. It can also be used to discuss contracts and agreements or in medical settings.


Translation is of essence to reach a wider audience, making different contents available in the original language of the readers. Different criteria are followed according to the king of document which needs to be translated and to the field it pertains to: legal, medical, technical, business, marketing, financial,…

Linguistic assistance

Linguistic assistance includes all those services needed to support the client, for instance during business trips, trade fairs and exhibitions.


Language courses are available both for companies and individuals and can be adjusted according to the client’s level and needs.

Linguistic combinations

  • English <> Italian
  • German <> Italian
  • English <> German (only for translations)