About Me

My name is Erika Trabattoni, and I have been offering several language services since 2017 to empower international communication for businesses.

As a translator, I provide translation and localisation services for different content and text types within several industries to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communication.

As an interpreter, I support communication during business meetings, gatherings, negotiations, trade shows, congresses, conferences, and events.

In particular, I specialise in the medical and pharmaceutical, business and marketing, and legal industries, as well as in the tourism, fashion and accessories, luxury, and food and wine fields.

I work with Italian, which is my mother tongue, English, German, and Spanish in different combinations depending on the service required.


The verb ‘to translate’ derives from the Latin ‘traducere’, which means ‘to bring, to carry across’. In my opinion, this verb embodies the deepest meaning of every translation and interpretation activity, which should aim to provide a bridge between a source and a target language. From this perspective, not only the purely linguistic aspect should be considered but also the cultural one: translation and interpreting inevitably entail an exchange between two different language and cultural systems, and it is up to the translator and interpreter to transfer a text or speech so that it can be understood in all its nuances in the target language, while still preserving the original meaning.

As a translator and interpreter, my mission is to empower international communication and provide content that is suitable for the audience it is created for. I support my clients in their communication strategy: my goal is to become their language consultant and help them with every communication activity that requires transferring a message into another language while preserving the original meaning and tone of voice. This way, I help businesses remove language and cultural barriers and succeed in the Italian and global markets.

What I offer is a language boutique: I design the best solution for every single project and customise it based on the client’s needs and objectives, just like a tailor-made garment. My priority is to ensure a high-quality service that enables companies to achieve their expected results. Communication, and therefore translation, contributes to the creation of brand identity, thus differentiating each brand from others and helping it reach its target audience.

Education and Career

What encouraged me to undertake a career in translation and interpreting is first and foremost my deep passion for languages: I love knowing the meaning of each word, its origins, and its uses, as I believe that mastering a language and the concepts it conveys equals being able to express one’s thoughts. Perfect knowledge of one’s mother tongue, Italian in my specific case, is of the essence in my profession.

After completing my secondary education, focused on classical and humanistic studies, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in linguistic mediation from SSML Carlo Bo (Milan) and later with a master’s degree in conference interpreting from IULM (Milan).

Afterwards, I specialised further by attending two post-degree courses at the same time (Italian masters) at CTI Trend Communication Italia (Milan): the former in medical and pharmacological translation, the latter in legal translation. Finally, I completed an advanced training course in translation for the tourism industry held by SSIT Pescara. According to the principles of lifelong learning, I participated and am still participating in several courses, training programmes, and webinars focusing on the areas I work in.

My career started in 2015, after graduating with my bachelor’s degree. I began taking on occasional translation and interpreting assignments while I was attending university to earn a master’s degree. Since 2018, I have been fully active as a self-employed professional and have been collaborating with many translation and interpreting agencies and direct clients.

From 2018 to 2021, I also cooperated with SSML Carlo Bo as a university professor. I taught consecutive interpretation, linguistic mediation, translation, and simultaneous interpretation to undergraduates and graduates.

Why Me?

My business is founded on some crucial values: professionalism, passion and enthusiasm, accuracy, and curiosity. I only accept projects when I am sure I can provide excellent performance, meet deadlines, and achieve the goals that have been set. I firmly believe in lifelong learning: each translation or interpreting project is a chance to put my knowledge into practice to help my clients. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to acquire new skills, thus fostering continuous professional and personal development. Being familiar with the specific industry a translation or interpreting assignment deals with is of paramount importance. For this reason, I approach each new project with enthusiasm and curiosity, delving into the topic as an integral part of my translation process.

I do not just translate. I help my clients build a bridge between different languages and cultures in order to communicate and accomplish their goals. I am the right choice for you and your business if:

  • Quality is your priority, and you are aware of the importance of translation within your company’s communication strategy and brand identity.
  • You wish to work with a skilled, accurate, reliable interpreter and translator who loves her job deeply.
  • You want to engage with a language consultant capable of designing a tailored solution for your specific project.
  • You are looking for a ‘boutique’ that offers all-round solutions for international communication.