Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical and pharmaceutical translation requires specific knowledge to understand the topic in depth and the use of proper industry terminology.

As a specialised translator, I can translate several types of documents aimed at both healthcare professionals and patients: clinical trials, regulatory documents – especially those required by the EMA – patient information leaflets, informed consent forms, academic and professional articles and papers for scholarly and trade publications or the Web, popular articles, instructions for use (IFU) for medical devices, training material, brochures, presentations, scientific research and reports, guidelines, medical reports, software solutions, etc.

As a specialised interpreter, I am available for conferences, conventions, workshops, training and refresher sessions for healthcare professionals, presentations of new drugs, devices, or medical products and solutions, etc.

Within the medical and pharmaceutical industry, I offer my services primarily to pharmaceutical companies, clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities, medical and patient associations, scientific organisations, universities and CROs, medical device manufacturers, etc.

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Business and Marketing

Business and marketing translation encompasses profoundly different documents and content which, however, all aim to facilitate multilingual communication with existing and potential customers, partners, and stakeholders in general.

As a specialised translator, I help companies communicate effectively in the Italian and global markets by translating several types of specific content: websites, catalogues, product descriptions and specifications, brochures and flyers, company presentations, advertising campaigns, social media posts and content, business reports, e-books, white papers,market research, internal corporate communications, newsletters, blog articles, press releases, etc.

As a specialised interpreter, I provide my services during conventions, conferences, and workshops that focus chiefly on marketing and HR theories and strategies, but also during meetings, visits, and events with clients, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders as well as product launches, trade shows, etc.

Within the business and marketing field, I offer my services to all companies, especially those operating in the following industries: tourism, travel and hospitality, IT and technology, fashion and accessories, cosmetics, food and wine, medicine and pharmaceutics, marketing, advertising, and communication, digital and Web.

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Legal translation entails a unique challenge, as each country has its own legal system with specific provisions and institutions that do not always exist elsewhere. For this reason, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the legal systems involved in the translation at hand. This provides insight into the correct terminology that enables the audience to understand the content while ensuring faithfulness to the source text.

As a specialised translator, I translate contracts and agreements, certificates of incorporation/corporate charters, articles of association/bylaws and company policies, privacy policies and GDPR-related documents, legal training material, law journals, articles for scholarly, professionals, and popular publications, pleadings for civil and criminal proceedings, etc.
In some specific cases, I also provide sworn translation, a translation that is subsequently ‘certified’ by a court.

As a specialised interpreter, my knowledge of the legal field allows me to facilitate communication during business negotiations, audits, meetings, training and refresher courses, etc.

Within the legal industry, my services are especially designed for companies that need contracts, agreements, and corporate law documents to be translated as well as for law firms.

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Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality

Tourism translation employs a specific language to describe a place, attraction, or accommodation facility and engage tourists, turning their journey into a truly multisensory experience. There are several types of tourism, each of them focusing on specific aspects that should stand out clearly in translations, too.
Moreover, tourism translation requires interdisciplinary knowledge: history, art, architecture, food and wine, and music intertwine to create a true cultural mosaic, whose preservation is crucial to capturing the most authentic essence of every destination.

As a specialised translator, I can translate different texts and content: informational brochures and flyers, travel guides and articles, websites and blogs, catalogues, etc.

As a specialised interpreter, I provide assistance during conventions, conferences, and trade shows.

Within the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry, I offer my services primarily to hotels and accommodation facilities, travel agencies and tour operators, tourism associations and boards, museums, tourist attractions, and companies that provide products and services in this field.

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Food and Wine

Food and wine translation requires not only a specific language to engage the audience in a multisensory experience but also more or less deep cultural adaptation: food and wine are also expressions of a certain culture.

As a specialised translator, I translate websites and blogs, menus, guides, brochures and flyers, articles, social media posts, catalogues, etc.

As a specialised interpreter, I offer my services during conventions, conferences, food and wine events, tastings, and visits to wineries and food and beverage companies.

Within the food and wine industry, I collaborate chiefly with restaurants, wineries and vineyards, food companies, food and wine tourism facilities and operators, travel bloggers, food bloggers, etc.

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Fashion and Luxury

Translation in the fashion and luxury industry requires industry-specific terminology and language that clearly reflects the brand’s style and voice: fast fashion and luxury target profoundly different segments, which obviously affects communication too. The accessories industry, too, has its own specific terminology: timepieces, shoes, bags, perfumes, and beauty and cosmetic products are expressions of individual style, and the language used to describe them resonates differently in our hearts.

As a specialised translator, I translate several types of content: websites and blogs, product descriptions and catalogues, press releases, social media content, newsletters, advertising campaigns, specialised reports, internal communications, training material, etc.

As a specialised interpreter, I provide my services during conventions, conferences, events in the fashion and luxury industry, trade shows, new collection launches, factory visits, etc.

Within the fashion and accessories industry, I collaborate primarily with fashion houses, perfume and cosmetics manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, fashion bloggers, etc. I can design and offer bespoke solutions, created just like tailor-made clothes, for any industry segment, from the mass market to the high end: by leveraging my specific knowledge, I can adapt terminology, style, and language to any brand, preserving its distinct image and voice.

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