Available language combinations:

English, german, spanish > Italian
Italian > English, german, spanish (to be evaluated depending on the case)

Language consulting encompasses all those services that aim to provide the client with language-related assistance and support:

  • Support during travels or trade shows, such as greeting and product presentation services at the stand.
  • Terminology management to create and maintain company-specific glossaries that help select and disseminate appropriate terms for business communication.
  • Style guide creation in collaboration with the client’s marketing and communication teams in order to identify style rules to be followed to design content that is in line with the brand voice.
  • Name checking to ensure that the potential names chosen for a brand, product, or service are not offensive or otherwise unsuitable for the target market.
  • Trados Studio translation memory (TM) maintenance and revision for clients who work with this CAT tool and want to make sure that their translation units are updated, consistent, and compliant with the company guidelines.
  • Alignment procedures to store documents that were previously translated outside Trados Studio in the translation memories of this CAT tool.

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Translation and

Translation of texts with different content and aims and adaptation to local markets and audiences.


Creative translation of advertising and marketing content.


Editing and proofreading of existing content to improve it and enhance its effectiveness.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting services for events, congresses, and conferences.

Business/Liaison Interpreting

In-person or remote liaison interpreting services for trade shows and business meetings.

Language Consulting

Language services to facilitate communication and translation project management.