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A translation often requires revision, which is carried out on several levels.

The reviewer first compares the source with the target text to confirm that it has been translated fully. This phase, known as editing, aims to ensure fluency so that the content does not feel like a translation, but rather a text written directly in the target language. The reviewer ensures that the style and terminology of the final document are appropriate for the client’s industry, the text goal, and the target audience. At this stage, the document compliance with any glossaries or style guides provided by the client is verified as well.

The text is then reviewed to identify potential grammar and spelling mistakes as well as poor sentence structure (proofreading).

Some projects require a further step, known as LSO, check-off, or in-context review: once translated and reviewed, the text is laid out by DTP (desktop publishing) experts or graphic designers, who frequently do not know the target language. Therefore, the end product – for instance, a brochure – is once again sent to the translator, who performs a last check to ensure no mistakes have been introduced in the layout.

Finally, clients who use machine translation (MT) can rely on post-editing of machine translation (PEMT) services. Machine translation can help streamline the translation process if applied properly and for certain content and text types. However, in order to avoid serious mistakes and match the style with industry- and client-specific standards, the result should be reviewed by a human.

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Translation and

Translation of texts with different content and aims and adaptation to local markets and audiences.


Creative translation of advertising and marketing content.


Editing and proofreading of existing content to improve it and enhance its effectiveness.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting services for events, congresses, and conferences.

Business/Liaison Interpreting

In-person or remote liaison interpreting services for trade shows and business meetings.

Language Consulting

Language services to facilitate communication and translation project management.