English training courses are designed for businesses and can be tailored to the client’s level and needs. They can focus on grammar, conversation, or specific industry terminology, and they aim to help participants gain the language knowledge and skills they need for their job.

Furthermore, bespoke remote courses of different levels are available for students and professionals who wish to acquire, improve, or perfect their prise de note technique for consecutive interpretation, both for individuals and small groups. Working languages are usually English and Italian, but a specific focus on German and Spanish is possible, too.

Translation and

Translation of texts with different content and aims and adaptation to local markets and audiences.


Creative translation of advertising and marketing content.


Editing and proofreading of existing content to improve it and enhance its effectiveness.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting services for events, congresses, and conferences.

Business/Liaison Interpreting

In-person or remote liaison interpreting services for trade shows and business meetings.

Language Consulting

Language services to facilitate communication and translation project management.