Technology Hub 2018

If you follow my Facebook page, you probably already know that I visited Technology Hub 2018, which takes place in Milan from 17th to 19th May.

This event represents a chance for professionals of different fields and industries to get in touch and to propose their solutions to expand their businesses: the common denominator is technology and how it can contribute to improving companies and certain commercial and non-commercial fields in general. The exhibition is, in fact, described as “a wide cross-event that proposes technologies using integration and contamination skills to extend the application fields” and “a networking and interaction opportunity with the digital transformation’s experts in all manufacturing sectors” (

I have always thought that technology is an interesting topic, especially because it has several, diversified application fields and can be useful to streamline your business, implement new solutions and reach more customers. I decided to visit the exhibition in order to keep up with the latest trends, even though they do not strictly pertain to the industry I operate in. Of course, I have also exploited this chance to make new contacts and to build the basis for potential business relationships: after all, gaining direct knowledge of a particular industry is the best way to establish contact with companies and experts working in that field.

During my visit, I could get a glimpse of the latest news. The focus was on robotics (especially applied to the medical field), artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality. A lot of exhibitors presented solutions to streamline different processes in a company, from the production to the management of several areas. I was particularly intrigued by a project which aims at further developing a robot to manage physical therapy from a distance, providing the patient with instructions and feedback. I found this project really interesting, especially because I am specialising in translating for the medical field.

All in all, this exhibition managed to give me food for thought, even though it is quite small: several meetings about different topics and clusters were held, which made the event even more interesting and productive. Should you have a chance to visit Technology Hub, grab it!

Hopefully there will be another exhibition worth going in the near future!